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I'm a UK based singer songwriter with over 4 previous E.P. releases and a debut album that I'll be touring in 2022. I've worked with Neville Staple (The Specials), Mo Pleasure (Earth Wind & Fire) and toured the UK which ended with a performance at The Royal Albert Hall. Basically, If you like the retro style of Amy Winehouse, The flamboyant style of Marc Bolen and the vocal prowess of Janice Joplin or Stevie Nicks, then the chances are you will like my stuff and I'd like to send you some free songs to try and prove it.



Whilst streaming sites are handy and open the floodgates to new music, sadly that sometimes impacts on quality and can bury struggling artists and musicians floundering in the ocean of new emerging artists that are out there. Consequently It takes a lot of luck for an artist to rise to the surface and break through, let alone earn a living doing what we do best.  So by entering a first name and email address below you're giving me an opportunity to impress you with some FREE unreleased songs. If you are unimpressed, then you can simply unsubscribe. But if you do like what you hear, you will become part of an important and special fan base that will allow you to follow my journey and get access to all sorts of discounted stuff; from songs to tickets to merch.... Or  just follow the journey!


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